The Problem

Climate change threatens Maryland’s economy, infrastructure, and residents’ health and safety. Sea level rise, extreme weather, and disasters like flooding and wildfires are already harming our state.

Just this summer, Maryland endured code red air quality days as wildfire smoke swept the East Coast. Asthma hospitalizations spiked, with vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted.

Low-income areas and communities of color also suffer the brunt of pollution, yet have fewer resources to cope with climate change effects. Urgent action is needed to protect all Marylanders.

The costs of inaction are too steep. Sea level rise puts over $20 billion in property at risk statewide. Climate-worsened disasters like Hurricane Isaias and Sandy could become more frequent. We must curb emissions to secure our future.

At the same time, inclusive policymaking is essential for just outcomes. Impacted residents must shape equitable solutions that distribute green benefits widely. Climate action and environmental justice must go hand in hand.

How We Will Solve the Problem Together

As your Senator, I will champion ambitious climate policies to curb emissions while delivering environmental justice. Key priorities include:

  • Protection of and investment in our green and blue spaces, our nearly 8,000 miles of Maryland shoreline which includes the Chesapeake Bay and the state’s coastal bays. As well as our natural recreational resources such as the 50+ MD state park system, wildlife refuges, and trail systems to ensure natural resources are protected and available for all residents to enjoy.
  • Transitioning Maryland to 100% clean electricity by 2035 through renewable expansion.
  • Electrifying transportation with EV incentives, charging infrastructure, and public transit.
  • Weatherizing low-income housing to lower energy bills while reducing emissions.
  • Holding polluters accountable through enforcement and environmental review.
  • Creating good-paying green jobs accessible to disadvantaged communities.
  • Ensuring all Maryland voices shape equitable, community-driven solutions.
  • I will push to establish a state climate justice task force empowering frontline communities to guide policymaking. And clean energy investments must flow first to historically marginalized neighborhoods.

Bold climate action is a win-win for our economy, health, environment and justice. Together we will lead the transition to a 100% clean energy economy with opportunity for all.

How We Will Advance the Issue in Washington, DC and Maryland

In Congress, I will support bold national climate bills like the GREEN Act. But states must also lead.

I will build alliances between environmental groups, government leaders, and frontline communities to enact transformative change. And I will fight for a resilient, just clean energy future.

In Maryland, I pledge to uplift youth activists and activists of color advocating for inclusive climate solutions. Your voices will be heard in the halls of power.

The Benefits for Maryland

Climate action will protect our state’s economy, safeguard Marylanders’ health, and spur job creation.

By leading boldly, we can preserve our invaluable natural assets, including nearly 8,000 miles of treasured Chesapeake and coastal shorelines, 50+ state parks, wildlife refuges and scenic trails. Investing in these resources will ensure they remain protected so all residents can enjoy Maryland’s natural splendor.

We will also empower communities historically denied economic and environmental justice. The future of our state depends on succeeding together.

Building climate resilience will secure our infrastructure, shorelines, and agriculture from mounting climate threats. And the transition to clean energy will improve air quality, lowering illnesses. We can protect the health of people and the planet together but only through bold, urgent action.