Let’s Gather Around a Shared Vision

Juan and Cheyenne Dominguez in Baltimore, Maryland.

Before COVID, my wife Cheyenne and I loved hosting dinner parties at our home. They were simple affairs — home-cooked food, good wine, and friends swapping stories and laughing. But those evenings fostered meaningful connections. They taught us about different perspectives and helped us forge lifelong friendships.

Some of our favorite memories center around our well-worn dining room table. It bears the scratches and cracks of joyful use. Like that time a neighbor’s exuberant dog crashed the party, circling excitedly and reminding us that he wanted in on the fun! We all just want to be included — even our four legged friends!

Sharing meals together has a way of drawing us closer. Cooking the same food, exchanging recipes, and swapping life stories cultivate a sense of closeness. I believe it builds empathy and helps us understand different worldviews. As the famous DMV-based Hispanic chef José Andrés says: “We need to build longer tables, not higher walls.”

Juan and Cheyenne Dominguez share a toast atop a rooftop in Baltimore, Maryland.

Now, as I campaign to become your next Senator, Cheyenne and I want to bring that same spirit of community to the trail. We’re launching “Vision Gatherings” — small, intimate meet and greets for voters to engage on the issues face-to-face. Could you imagine telling your friends and family that you hosted the next Senator from Maryland in your home and were a key part of his successful run to become a member of Congress?

These casual events will occur in homes and offices across Maryland and beyond. We’ll serve light snacks and let the conversation unfold organically. Attendees can share what matters most to them while learning about my vision for delivering results in the Senate.

The groups will be intentionally small, ideally around 25–30 people. Hosts simply choose a date and time, send invitations, and provide some simple refreshments. Democratic and Republican voters alike are welcome. I’m eager to exchange ideas with all who want respectful policy discussion. Thanks to Cheyenne, we’ve even put together a handy guide on how to host a Vision Gathering to make it as easy as possible for you.

Our goal is to foster the open, solutions-oriented dialogue that brings people together and moves our country forward. Too much of our politics has become polarized and disconnected from people’s everyday lives. Public trust in government is low but I want to make a conscious effort to restore people’s faith in their leaders. We want to reconnect with voters authentically sitting together at the dinner table or hanging around by the kitchen sink.

If you would like to host a vision gathering at your home or office, please email our Chief of Staff at TJ@juanformaryland.com. This is a unique chance to talk issues over a cup of coffee or a cocktail rather than through a screen. We’ll provide support to make planning smooth and easy.

The path to victory runs through breaking bread with voters, listening to their concerns, and building community. That’s what Vision Gatherings are all about. I hope you’ll join us at the table!

Juan and Cheyenne Dominguez laugh together as Juan does the dishes.