The Problem

In the wealthiest nation on earth, quality healthcare remains out of reach for millions of Americans. Over 30 million people lack any health insurance coverage. And those with insurance face rising premiums, deductibles and prescription costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the consequences of our fragmented, expensive healthcare system. But access and affordability challenges have plagued patients for decades.

Powerful health insurance and pharmaceutical companies put profits over patients. They drive up costs and restrict critical care. This unjust system is immoral and demands reform.

How We Will Solve the Problem Together

As your Senator, I will fight to make quality, affordable healthcare a right for every American.

First, I will build on the progress of the Affordable Care Act by expanding coverage options and lowering costs across the board. Premium subsidies, a public insurance option, and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices will provide relief.

Second, I will take on insurance companies’ stranglehold on healthcare decisions. Doctors and patients – not insurance executives – should decide on needed treatments and medications. Pre-approval requirements for tests and other care restrictions must be eliminated.

Finally, I will enact prevention and wellness initiatives to improve public health over the long-term. Free preventative care, exercise prescriptions and nutrition education will reduce the burden of chronic disease. Healthcare should empower people to live healthy lives.

To fund these critical reforms, I will fight to close tax loopholes exploited by drug and insurance companies. For too long these industries have profited off the pain and suffering of the American people. It’s time they pay their fair share so that healthcare is affordable for all.

I will also impose cost controls, price transparency measures, and competitive bidding to drive down inflated pharmaceutical and hospital costs. Price gouging of patients and taxpayers ends the day I arrive in the Senate.

How We Will Advance the Issue in Washington, DC and Maryland

In Congress, I will sponsor legislation to create a robust public option, enable Medicare drug price negotiations, and require insurers to cover all necessary care.

I will build coalitions among lawmakers to finally put people over insurance industry profits. We will pass bills to rein in costs and enact bold reforms within my first term.

In Maryland, I will work with state leaders to maximize coverage through Medicaid expansion and our state insurance exchange. My office will also connect residents to prevention resources and wellness incentives.

I will listen to the stories of Marylanders struggling with medical costs and insurance barriers. Giving patients a seat at the policymaking table is key to creating a healthcare system that works for all.

The Benefits for America and Maryland 

With healthcare as a right, the American people can finally access the care they need without financial fear. Families will be healthier. Medical bankruptcies will plummet. And our economy will benefit from a more productive workforce and increased consumer spending power. We will join every other major nation in guaranteeing this basic human right.

Quality, affordable healthcare positively impacts all other aspects of life. People can pursue their dreams – whether furthering education, starting a business or switching careers – without fear of losing insurance. Parents can spend more quality time with their children when not saddled with medical bills. Retirees can live with dignity and comfort, instead of choosing between medication and food. We will unlock human potential.