Updates from the the Maryland Senate Campaign


I wanted to share some exciting campaign updates as we continue connecting with voters across Maryland. Recently, WUSA9 did an in-depth feature on our insurgent Senate bid and the unique perspective I bring as a combat veteran and business leader with Latinos roots. The report highlighted how I offer an alternative to politics as usual, stating: “Dominguez is leaning into his limited name recognition as a selling point, believing as an ‘outsider’ he can appeal to voters looking for alternative candidates.”

As I told WUSA9, “Seventy-seven percent of Americans, including Marylanders, don’t trust their elected officials. I dare say that’s the disadvantage that my opponents have and the folks that are endorsing them come from the same ilk.”

I’m working hard to give all Marylanders — regardless of zip code, income or ethnicity — a voice in this race and a leader they can trust in the Halls of Congress. And we’re steadily growing our grassroots movement to take bold solutions like a living wage, healthcare for all, and debt-free pre-K and college to Washington, DC.

Tomorrow, I’m honored to join leading candidates at the Eastern Shore Democrats Senate Forum in Cambridge, MD. I’ll discuss my vision for an economy that benefits all families, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

This forum is a prime opportunity to share how I’ll fight for justice for overlooked groups. As I told WUSA9, “There has never been a Latino elected to any seat in the Maryland congressional delegation. I think it’s important that we look at that as well. We are over 24 percent of the voting bloc in some places. Yet, [Latinos] do not have one congressional seat.”

While the event is sold out, I encourage you to follow along on social media via @JuanforMaryland. Afterwards, I look forward to reading your feedback and answering your questions on the issues that matter most. Because this campaign is powered by people, not special interests.

From news coverage of our scrappy campaign to high-profile events engaging voters statewide, momentum for our movement is building. But we can’t do it without you. If you believe the Senate seat should go to someone who will wake up every morning fighting for working people, please get involved! Subscribe to our newsletter and register your email on our website to continue to stay in the know about our campaign @ JuanForMaryland.com