#JuanListens to the People of Maryland

Juan Dominguez with Garrett County Teachers Association Administrator Jeremy Gosnell in Western Maryland.

Juan Dominguez is taking his U.S. Senate campaign on the road. This week he launched a statewide RV “listening tour” to hear directly from voters about the economic challenges they face. Over the next few months, Juan will traverse all 23 counties and Baltimore City in his RV dubbed the “Workers’ Express.”

The listening tour is designed to gather information and better understand how people feel about the issues across the state of Maryland. At each stop, Juan meets with local organizations and everyday people to exchange ideas, with an emphasis on expanding economic opportunity. So far he’s visited Baltimore City and counties across central Maryland. Upcoming stops include the state’s eastern and western regions.

Juan’s goal is to engage diverse communities — from union members to teachers, veterans to students. He’ll visit busy shopping areas, schools, VFWs, American Legion Posts, nonprofits, community groups, and more to connect with voters from all walks of life.

The listening tour also allows Juan to share his Robin Hood Economic Plan, which would counter inequality by taxing excessive wealth and investing $1 trillion per year in working families. Juan’s wealth tax on millionaires and billionaires polls at over 60% support nationally.

The tour lets Juan do what he loves most — listen first, connect second, and propose solutions third. Juan reflects, “My roots are in working class immigrant communities. We need leaders who understand the economic pressures hard-working families face.” Too many of our politicians have stopped listening to the people. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. As a result, communication breakdowns can occur, which is often the case in our current political landscape.

His plan would provide relief through a bold tax on the mega-rich and major investments in healthcare, education, housing, and more. Juan comments, “We cannot continue to let billionaires add billions to their wealth monthly while over a third of Americans struggle to pay bills.”

Juan’s goal is to give every Marylander a voice. Follow Juan’s tour stops via #JuanListens. Visitwww.JuanforMaryland.com/events to learn more about where Juan will head next. Juan is committed to an economy that leaves no one behind. Join him on the road as he connects with voters across Maryland! If you would like to request a visit with your business or organization, please contact tj@juanformaryland.com.