DELMARVA NOW — In what one candidate called the “opening salvo” of the campaign for United States Senate, three Maryland Democrats vying to be the party’s pick in next year’s general election gathered at a forum in Cambridge on Friday night.

Business executive Juan Dominguez, a combat veteran, started his allotted 20 minutes by pointing out a marked difference between himself and the other two candidates at the lodge.

“We don’t have t-shirts,” he said to the crowd decked out in paraphernalia from the two elected officials. The son of immigrants and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Dominguez spoke in multiple instances about the need to address country’s wealth inequality.

He pledged to only serve one term, if elected. In an interview while waiting for the results of the straw poll, Dominguez noted Alsobrooks’ “calm, steady demeanor” and Trone’s “passionate” remarks. He called the event the “opening salvo in a heavyweight title,” remarking that the forum was the first time that all three candidates were together.