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Dominguez Advocates for Economic Equity and Opportunity at Senate Forum

At Latino Democrats of Prince George’s County Forum, Dominguez Pitches Bold, Inclusive Economic Reforms

(Bladensburg, MD — December 4, 2023) — Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Juan Dominguez, a Gulf War combat veteran, telecom business leader, and the son of Cuban immigrants, positioned himself as a voice for all Marylanders at the Latino Democrats of Prince George’s County (LDPGC) candidate forum held yesterday. Addressing voters and the media, Dominguez articulated a vision for Maryland that prioritizes economic equity and robust community support, particularly in light of the current economic climate and the approaching holiday season.

Dominguez’s unique understanding of Maryland’s diverse constituents, honed through a statewide listening tour, was evident as he passionately advocated for immediate measures to aid the people of Maryland. With a focus on putting money back in people’s pockets and easing the burden on working families, Dominguez called for:

A progressive wealth tax, the “Robinhood End Poverty Wealth Tax and Dividend,” a plan that would tax wealth and raise the estate tax to generate $1 trillion in revenue per year.

A statewide moratorium on tolls until the end of February, proposed to Governor Moore.

Encouragement to President Biden for lenders to reduce interest rates.

A declaration of a national emergency on poverty and child hunger to facilitate fund allocation to struggling families.

Acknowledging the ambitious nature of these proposals, Dominguez emphasized their potential to significantly alleviate the struggles of many families amidst high inflation. In an interview with 7News DC, the ABC News affiliate for Washington, DC, he shared: “I think the first thing we have to do is help close the income inequality gap because crime usually stems from people who don’t have a lot of opportunity,” Dominguez said, advocating for a wealth tax “to help appropriate dollars” and resource police departments and prosecutors effectively​​.

Dominguez’s campaign pillars – the Robinhood Wealth Tax and Dividend, Universal Pre-K and Debt-Free College, and Healthcare for All – were reiterated, emphasizing his commitment to Maryland’s communities.

At the forum, Dominguez highlighted his plan for a “Robinhood tax” to address income inequality and fund broad societal benefits. “It’s amazing how so much ties to income inequality or income opportunity,” Dominguez remarked, advocating for a healthcare-for-all system inclusive of mental health and opioid addiction treatment​​​​.

In a display of connection with the audience as the only bilingual candidate in the race, Dominguez delivered parts of his comments in Spanish, seeking to engage with the Latino community. In sharing his bold, inclusive economic policies as reported by the Washington Post, Dominguez called for economic justice and opportunity: “I will advocate for not only Latinos — all people of color, working class, middle class — to have the opportunities that they deserve that they don’t have readily today, because, again, our communities have been stripped of their wealth due to the tax code.”​​

As the potential first Latino senator from Maryland, Dominguez’s candidacy is historic. His approach was described by Maryland Matters as quick on his feet and fluent on the issues, matching the seasoned political leaders he shared the stage with​​.


Juan Dominguez, running for US Senate in Maryland, is a veteran and successful businessman. He believes in the right to a living wage, healthcare access for all, and the right to a great education, job training, and career readiness. As a West Point Grad, Gulf War veteran, and Desert Shield/Desert Storm platoon leader, he was taught the values of Duty, Honor, Country, and a lifetime of service to the nation. These values have lived in him and are also the reason he looks to now serve in the United States Senate for the great state of Maryland.

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