MARYLAND REPORTER — The race to succeed Ben Cardin in the U.S. Senate next year may not have heated up for the average voter. But three of the Democratic hopefuls for the job were sweating it out at a steamy Democratic Labor Day picnic in Columbia Monday.

Here is the a portion of Juan Dominguez’ speech during the event:

I want to thank the Howard County Democrats for having me today. The first organization that’s actually allowed me to speak. So thank you for that. The Latino Progressive Club of Prince George’s County, who strikingly and surprisingly enough, is trying to keep me off the debate stage, the only Latino in the race.

I’m a West Point graduate, a Gulf War veteran. Second generation Cuban American. I fought for you during the Gulf War, and it’s my honor to declare myself a Senate candidate and fight for you. I’m just like you, ladies and gentlemen. I’m a regular person. I’m a dad. I coach my son’s baseball team. I think that we need more people like me in Congress that are regular citizens, that are close to our challenges and that know the struggles that many of you go through on a regular basis. Our campaign is going to be about hope, courage and change that only us people united together can truly break. I’m going to focus on kitchen sink issues.

Let me tell you a few stories. Over the last 50 years, there has been a massive transfer of wealth from you to the top 1% in this country. By all accounts, at least $25 trillion. And the special interests and the ultra-wealthy have taken from you and put it into their pocket. And you have done all the work. The top three wealthiest Americans have more wealth than 50% of the bottom of America. To me, that may not be criminal, but it’s morally wrong.

The establishment candidates cannot help you. They cannot help you. They are beholden to the PACs and the super PACs. They will tell you that the Republicans won’t help them. Well, I’ll tell you what. This is a people’s movement. And together, we can drive change together. The power is in this room to drive change. You just have to believe.

When we win we will demand taxes of 70% on the first dollar over $5 million. That’s how it was 50 years ago. The highest tax rate was 90%. We didn’t have crumbling bridges. We didn’t have crumbling infrastructure, and we didn’t have people struggling to pay their rent. We will demand a wealth tax of 5% on those that have $10 million assets or more every year. And we will start to claw back those trillions of dollars that stayed in the ultra-wealthy pockets at your expense. Back to you.

That’s how we’re going to pay for my three kitchen sink issues. A living wage for all Americans. Health care from cradle to grave and debt free college and state public universities. Because when we take those trillions of dollars back and give them back to the people. You’re going to have to rely less on Washington, D.C.. You’re going to have to rely less on career politicians and you will take the power back.