What is a Vision Gathering?

A vision gathering is a small, private get-together in your home, where Juan engages with potential supporters, campaign donors, and volunteers. It’s an opportunity for your family and friends to meet with Juan Dominguez, candidate for United States Senate in Maryland, and to voice what issues are important to them. We like to think of it as part cocktail party, part networking, and part fundraising.

Hosting a vision gathering can be a rewarding and effective way to generate support for issues and values that are important to you, your friends, and learn where/how those align with the candidate’s. By creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and providing opportunities for guests to engage in dialogue with Juan, we can build a stronger community of supporters and make Maryland an even better place for all. We’re stronger together.

Want to be a host? Let the #JuanForMaryland team know you’d like to host a vision gathering and we’ll coordinate a date/time with you. Use the checklist below to help prepare before, during, and after the vision gathering. We even provide sample invitation language that you can send via email to your guests.

we are looking for hosts in Maryland (Severna Park, Baltimore, Annapolis, Eastern Shore), Miami, and Philadelphia

If you are interested in becoming a host, please send an email to info@juanformaryland.com