My Vision to Empower Hispanic Families

Juan and his wife, Cheyenne, sit together over cups of Cuban coffee and a game of dominos.

Maryland’s Latino community is a vibrant and essential part of our state, now representing over 10% of the total population. But while Hispanic families drive economic growth, they still face barriers to opportunity and participation.

As the proud son of Cuban immigrants, I’m running for Senate to be a champion addressing the unique needs of Latino communities statewide. My platform — anchored on economic empowerment, healthcare access, and education equity — will uplift Hispanic families across Maryland.

Here are 10 key facts on the Latino population in our state:

  1. Over 12% of Marylanders identify as Hispanic or Latino.
  2. Nearly 6% of eligible Maryland voters are Latino.
  3. Latinos comprise over 20% of residents in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.
  4. 10 counties have at least 10,000 Hispanic residents, with the most in Montgomery (210,773) and Prince George’s (177,727).
  5. 40% of students in Prince George’s County Public Schools are Hispanic.
  6. Median household income for Latinos rose 22% since 2010 to $74,631.
  7. 11.7% of Hispanics live below the poverty line, down from 13.7% in 2010 but still too high.
  8. 78% of Maryland’s Latinos are family households.
  9. The Hispanic workforce includes over 208,000 workers across all industries.
  10. Latino labor participation soared 82% from 2010–2017 across the US and in Maryland, outpacing all other groups.

My three key policy pillars directly address the remaining disparities holding Hispanic families back:

  1. The Robinhood Wealth Tax And Dividend would provide payments to lower-income households while funding programs combating poverty.
  2. Universal Pre-K and debt-free public college would expand educational access and opportunity for Latino students.
  3. Healthcare For All would increase affordability and coverage for uninsured Hispanic families.

With Latinos now over 1 in 10 residents, I will ensure our community has a seat at the table shaping policies in Congress. Because when Hispanic families do better, Maryland does better. As the tagline for Sunday’s U.S. Senate Candidate Forum with The Latino Democrats of Prince George’s County says, “Together we Thrive!”

P.S. If you have not already, make sure to register to join team #JuanForMaryland at the forum this weekend: