Reflecting on Economic Justice and Opportunity This Season

A photo of Juan and his competitors at the Latino Democrats of Prince George’s County U.S. Senate Candidate Forum where Juan discussed his economic package on December 3, 2023.

Alas, it is holiday season once again! We’re back in that time of year when many of us are thinking about what to get our loved ones for Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, where we’ll be spending the holidays, and all of the delicious meals and riveting stories to be shared around the family dining table.

For some, it is a difficult time of year.

Between the over inundation of advertisements for (last-minute) gift shopping and the unceasing tradition of having/forcing your entire family to wear either matching pajamas or an “ugly sweater” to pose for that annual holiday postcard, many things can serve as tough reminders of the loved ones we’ve lost, and the inflated prices of….well, everything: Food. Gas. Childcare. For some people, the last thing they are thinking about is Christmas gifts.

If I had a magic wand, I would instantly put money back into people’s pockets — particularly those that need it the most. That is why I have called for a progressive wealth tax, what I endearingly refer to as the Robinhood End Poverty Wealth Tax and Dividend. This plan would ensure that large publicly traded corporations and the ultrawealthy pay their fair share.

If given the prized opportunity to serve as Maryland’s Senator, I would work tirelessly to implement this tax, along with other legislation and policies aimed toward reducing the economic burden on our families such as my call for a statewide moratorium on tolls until the end of February 2024. I would encourage President Biden to push lenders to reduce interest rates, and to declare a national emergency on poverty and child hunger to facilitate fund allocation to struggling families. All of these actions would hopefully result in substantial and swift economic relief.

No magic — just good people-first economic policy.

As we approach the final weeks and days of 2023, it is always a good time to reflect — what has changed or hasn’t changed in your life since January 1. More importantly, the progress you’ve made in reaching your goals. I’d encourage you to not only self-evaluate, but take a holistic look at the state of our country.

What has (increased prices) and hasn’t changed (the shrinking middle class)?

How much progress have we made in ensuring that everyone has the ability to climb the socio-economic ladder with a fair shot at consistent financial stability?

I know that we have a long way to go. We will go there together. We will leave no one behind. Siempre pa’lante.

This holiday season, please know that there is an aspiring public servant who is ready to work, fight, and advocate for all people in becoming a more equitable society.