Advocating for Economic Equity and Opportunity at the LDPGC US Senate Candidate Forum

Juan Dominguez takes the stage at the Latino Democrats of Prince George’s County U.S. Senate Candidate Forum in Bladensburg, Maryland on Sunday, December 3, 2023.

Sunday marked a significant milestone in our journey towards a brighter future for Maryland. I had the distinct honor of participating in the United States Senate Candidate Forum hosted by the Latino Democrats of Prince George’s County (LDPGC), an experience that was both exhilarating and humbling. Standing up on that stage, I felt a profound connection with each person in the room, united by our shared vision of hope and progress.

During the forum, I passionately discussed our plans for economic equity and robust community support, particularly crucial in our current economic climate and as we approach the holiday season. My diverse experiences as a Gulf War combat veteran, a telecom business leader, and as the son of Cuban immigrants have uniquely equipped me to understand and represent the rich tapestry of Maryland’s communities.

One of my key messages, as reported in the Washington Post, deeply resonates with my personal and campaign ethos: “I will advocate for not only Latinos — all people of color, working class, middle class — to have the opportunities that they deserve that they don’t have readily today, because, again, our communities have been stripped of their wealth due to the tax code.”

This quote encapsulates my commitment to addressing the systemic inequalities that hinder our state’s progress. My vision includes the “Robinhood End Poverty Wealth Tax and Dividend,” a transformative proposal to restructure our tax system to benefit all Marylanders, especially those who have been historically marginalized by economic policies.

In discussing our economic situation, I emphasized the urgent need to close the income inequality gap. As I told 7News DC, crime often stems from a lack of opportunity. By redirecting resources effectively, we can not only support our police departments and prosecutors but also create a more equitable society.

A screenshot of Juan’s interview with with Megan Clarke of 7News DC, the ABC affiliate for Washington, DC before the Senate forum on Sunday, December 3, 2023.

At the forum, I also highlighted the urgency of providing immediate relief to working families. This includes a proposed statewide moratorium on tolls until the end of February, and an appeal to President Biden to advocate for reduced interest rates for lenders. These are tangible steps that can ease the financial strain many of our residents are facing.

Our campaign pillars — the Robinhood Wealth Tax and Dividend, Universal Pre-K and Debt-Free College, and Healthcare for All — were reiterated with vigor, underscoring my unwavering dedication to the well-being of Maryland’s communities.

In a bilingual display of inclusivity, I connected with the audience, emphasizing the need for economic justice and opportunity for all, regardless of background. As potentially the first Latino senator from Maryland, my candidacy is more than historic; it’s a beacon of hope for inclusive representation that is long overdue.

The positive feedback from the press, including being described by Maryland Matters as “a coming-out party of sorts for Dominguez” and “quick on his feet and fluent on the issues,” fills me with immense pride and gratitude. It is a testament to our collective desire for change and progress.

I invite you to join us in this mission to transform Maryland. Your support is vital to counterbalance the massive spending of my competitors. Together, with our lean yet passionate campaign team, we can turn our vision into reality.

Let’s continue to work hand in hand to shape a Maryland that is fair, prosperous, and inclusive. Our shared journey is just beginning, and with your support, we will write a new chapter in our state’s history.